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Here are all articles that doesn't belong to any other category. I sometimes move these articles to new or other categories. That's because I am not able to foretell what is going on. Future is open as well as this web.


  23 Sep 2022 - 28 Sep 2022
Primary purpose of London visit was nearby Warner Bros Studios with setup for Harry Potter films. Our kids are great fans of the series so despite quite high cost they really wanted to see that. Other draws were HMS Belfast, light cruiser from WWII or RAF Museum, city centre around Buckingham Palace, Borough Market for exotic food or Greenwich. All in all great four days in the area.
  6 Aug 2022 - 13 Aug 2022
During covid depression we discovered nice Canada-style loghouse near Pocatky town in Highlands region of Czech Republic. It is on the lakeshore and provides plenty of nice areas around for bike trips, walking, running, or swimming. For a change this was a "family vacation" and we enjoyed it as well.


  1 Apr 2021
With all lockdowns and quarantines we had to make a Hawai closer than it actually is. The circumstances showed us what is really important - health, optimism, strong nerves, family, friends, and ... internet.


  4 May 2020 - 9 May 2020
During march COVID-19 spread around in Czech republic and we went to lockdown. In couple months we almost went crazy with home-teaching, homeoffice and everything home. In may we decided to go to my parents cottage to at least get some fresh air. It helped greatly and with some nice trips around we got together for another par of the quarantine.


  20 Jul 2019 - 22 Jul 2019
Nice trip with kids to one of the oldest town in Czech republic - Kutna Hora. Alice picked nice "historical" camp for first night in village of Malesov. Second day we hiked back to Kutna Hora, visiting cathedral of Saint Barbora and unique ossuary - small church filled with human bones of all kinds, arranged as decoration. Second night was in LEGO Museum hotel to great delight of our kids.
  24 May 2019
Alice usually organizes events for boys birthdays. This year was the most popular theme computer game Raft, where players try to survive on open ocean from whatever they can find in water. Both games included some ciphers, sport activities, eating of cake and killing of the shark.
  25 Apr 2019 - 28 Apr 2019
Final part of our Southwest trip takes place mostly in Arizona. We made nice Blue Pools Slot Canyon, did small hike close to Glen Canyon Dam and on our way back to Phoenix visited Sedona. Due to lack of time we just did short Submarine Rock trail.
From series Arizona and Utah
  23 Apr 2019 - 24 Apr 2019
The trip continues in Utah, close to the town of Kanab. After some rope training last day we used the rope quite extensively in Diana Throne canyon, walked through very nice Peek-a-boo canyon and next day did long trail through Lick Wash canyon.
From series Arizona and Utah
  20 Apr 2019 - 22 Apr 2019
A vacation after the business trip to Arizona. This first part of the series follows us on Superstition Mountains, Watson Lake in Prescott and first canyon close to Page called Stateline Canyon.
From series Arizona and Utah
  12 Jan 2019 - 19 Jan 2019
Alice writes: I have never thought that I would like any city but it turned out I really do. Initially it was just my sister that asked me to go shopping there, but eventually we went together with our father, sister's friend and her mom and we enjoyed far more things than just shopping. I would go again.


  13 May 2018
Small family trip connecting three villages near Brno. Along the path were many knowledge quiz questions and small challenges.
  11 May 2018
During the spring months of each year we celebrate birthdays of our sons - Honza in April and Dan in May. As it became quite common here, we also invite some of their friends for a party. Last year Alice prepared Fort Boyard based on quite famous television competition. This year, boys requested Star Wars and Minecraft theme respectively.
  28 Mar 2018 - 2 Apr 2018
Alice's visit to Kazakhstan to see her sister and her husband. She spent six days at Almaty, the capital of the state, spread at foothills of Tian Shan mountain range. Way different culture and skiing in modern resort of Shymbulak, local cuisine and vast ranges of Kazakhstan plains.


  26 Aug 2017 - 27 Aug 2017
Last days of our Norway vacation in the capital city of Oslo. We found plenty of interesting facts in polar expedition museum built around the famous sailing ship Fram. With borrowed bicycle it was easy to get there and also to our next stop, well known Vigeland park with myriads of statues. Then we just strolled around the city and in the port, getting along with atmosphere and dining.
From series Norway


  1 Oct 2016
Every year since 2009 we attended this traditional walk around Krtiny village. As usually we went shortest of the routes, 10 kilometers. This time Sandra and Katy joined us and we made the walk in great mood and in great weather.
  6 Aug 2016 - 13 Aug 2016
Family vacation in a small hotel close to Krkonose mountain range with group of friends. Each day we spent with a trip, for instance Snezka, the highest mountain in Czech, ruins of Pecka castle, Safari in Dvur Kralove, or Zaly observation point. Rest of the time filled with desk games, sports, good grub and wine.
  11 Jul 2016 - 16 Jul 2016
Alice was with boys on a kid camp in the valley of Thaya river. The camp was strong reminiscence to communism era with only a few things that changed over last 30 years. The theme was the Neverending story, with young hero Atreyu they fighted the Nothing and helped to save Childlike Empress.
  29 Apr 2016
Koyasan, central town of Shingon buddhism, is located southern of Osaka in raising slopes of Kii Mountain range. There are no hotels, but you can stay within buddhist temples. It boasts many gates, statues, gardens, shrines, and templates. One of largest is located in Okunoin graveyard, and it is said that founder Kukai (post-humously named Koibo Daishi) is still there in deep meditation.
From series Japan
  26 Apr 2016 - 7 May 2016
Alice got a desk game called Tokaido for her birthday. The theme is pilgrimage from Japan town Kyoto to Edo (which is now Tokyo). Along the way you contribute to shrines, enjoy sea-side views, bath in hot springs, and taste great food. The playing of the game inspired us to visit Japan. The Tokaido (Way of Eastern Sea in japanese) no longer exists, but we found other pilgrim trails called Kumano Kodo. Pictures in this article are from Osaka.
From series Japan
  26 Apr 2016 - 28 Apr 2016
Last article about our trip to Japan. Photos are from one day we spent in Nara, the oldest Japan capital with beautiful temples with deer and nice atmosphere. Remaining photos are from Kyoto, the Japan capital before Tokyo. We really enjoyed the city, its people, temples, and cuisine.
From series Japan


  3 Oct 2015
Seventh time at annual event in Krtiny village. It offers quite difficult 50 and 100 kilometers walks to those far more trained that we are, but for kids the ten kilometer round is rather nice. We joined two other families and it was good move. The kids were motivated and cheerful, and the trail was over before we noticed.
  1 Aug 2015 - 8 Aug 2015
Alice took our boys to a week-long camp on Highlands. This year it is third visit and she thinks it is also the best one. The topic was fairytale of Seven kingdoms, where evil wizard Černoděj took princess Jasněnka and shed a curse on the Seventh kingdom. Kids were trying to set everything straight in string of games.
  18 Jul 2015
On our return from Madeira we stopped for two nights in Lisbon, capital of Portugal. We visited number of nice places, stopped for wonderful lunch at Mercado da Ribeira (Riverside Market), and took a boat to see the city from waves of river Tejo.
From series Madeira 2015
  16 Jul 2015 - 17 Jul 2015
Few last days at Madeira island. We left mountains and get down to the seashore town called Machico. It was actually first place settled on Madeira, because the coast in otherwise very steep rocky shores provided provided good shield against hard sea. One day took us to the São Lourenço - narrow tail of the island, deserted from the wind. We also visited whale museum in Caniçal and enjoyed sea water on nice beaches.
From series Madeira 2015
  10 Jul 2015 - 17 Jul 2015
First set of photos from Madeira. The island belongs to Portuagal and is famous for its very steep mountains, reaching over 1800 meter above sea level. After arriving in the night to Santa Cruz airport, we were lucky to catch an aerobus to centre of Madeira's capital, Funchal city, where was our hotel. The next day we went to get a feeling of the city, and also prepare for upcoming trip to the mountains.
From series Madeira 2015
  30 Apr 2015
Our younger boy Honza loves animals. Mostly because of this we planned a train trip to Vienna, capital of Austria, about two hours of ride. In one of defense towers, built during WWII, there is large oceanographic exposition with sharks, rays, turtles, octopusses and many other ocean animals. On our way back to train station, we also spent few hours in Prater, the large and famous amusement park.


  4 Oct 2014
Another traditional walk (we attended for six years already) near Krtiny town. This time they returned to original route through Brezina and Bukovina, spanning some 10 kilometers. Boys tried to sabotage the endeavour, but at the end they walked most of the route of their own.
  1 Sep 2014 - 12 Sep 2014
Two weeks Alice has spent on business trip in Munich of Germany. She enjoyed the city and in her free time she had visited many interesting locations.
  24 Aug 2014 - 30 Aug 2014
Originally Alice had plan to visit Carinthia area in Austria. There is wonderful area surrounded by high mountains, made mostly from meadows, lakes and nice villages. But because it takes amost 8 hours to get there, we looked for a closer area in Austria - land around Neusiedler See. We travelled mostly by bike with a trailer and a child seat, taking advantage of generally flat terrain.
  9 Aug 2014 - 16 Aug 2014
Alice with our boys were on kid camp for a week. The theme was "Dragon's engine" and there was ton of funny games in nice highland area near the town Křižanov. All along they have been following wizard apprentice named Krišpín on his learning of spells and wizardry.
  12 Jul 2014 - 14 Jul 2014
Our boys really wanted to go outdoors with a tent. Last year we were in thermal spa in Slovakia and we enjoyed this a lot. So we decided on repeating it, this time selecting other (much less famous) site.
  21 Apr 2014 - 26 Apr 2014
Visit of interesting Moab museum and heading into wilderness in Escalante. We discovered beauty of narrow slot canyons carved out in soft sandstone by water and walked good number of them.
From series Arizona and Utah
  21 Apr 2014 - 26 Apr 2014
Last "few" miles from our vacation in Utah and Arizona. Wonderful area of Escalante, vast, scarcely settled land or rock and praire. Through the are there is winding dirt road called Hole-in-the-rock. From that there is great number of small roads, which lead to even smaller trails. Once of those we hiked was Red Breaks slot canyon. On the way back to Phoenix we also did Blue Pools slot canyon, first where we had to use a rope for rapelling. Last stop was in snowy Williams in zoo called Bearizona.
From series Arizona and Utah
  15 Apr 2014 - 29 Apr 2014
Alice wrote: Six years passed since our last large vacation without kids. Suprisingly, without much planning. Roman went to a business trip to Phoenix, Arizona, and I came after him to spent ten days on north Arizona and southern Utah. Pictures here are from Phoenix Butterfly museum and hiking on Squaw Peak and climbing Pinnacle Peak.
From series Arizona and Utah
  28 Mar 2014 - 15 May 2014
List of all articles talking about our USA trip. Also few photos that haven't fit anywhere else and the map of our journey.


  1 Dec 2013
  5 Oct 2013
Traditional walk around Krtiny village. We managed to push through two kids despite all their resistance. Not terribly difficult physically, but needed a lot of stubborness from us.
  27 Sep 2013 - 28 Sep 2013
Two years agp we were in Budapest with my sister to see christmas fairs. Major attractions should have been spa and "unforgettable" view to the Donau river. Since the view was obscured by heavy fog, we have to come back and see what we missed.
  25 Aug 2013 - 31 Aug 2013
Last year we enjoyed brief visit to Sec dam area, so this year we decided to try it again, this time for whole week. We hired a chalet with small boat and spent time on trips, games, boat exploration of the dam, guitar play on evenings and other nice activities. Despite few rainy days it was wonderfull time.
From series Sec Dam
  3 Aug 2013 - 10 Aug 2013
During August I had a week alone at home. Alice with boys went to family camp at Krizanov, for games and a lot of interesting activities. The main theme was "Sailors", moving around bunch of fairy-tale islands.
  21 Jul 2013
Weekend trip to Slovakia. They offer great range of thermal bath entertainment, so we decided to spend time at pools and at the same time also try whether we can go spend two nights in tents with kids. Turned out great - we had great time.
  30 Jun 2013 - 6 Jul 2013
We spent whole week at Bozenov place, small camp close to Zabreh in Central Moravia. This was mostly family entertainment, including bathing place, old castle, farm animals and number of walks around.
From series Bozenov
  7 Jun 2013 - 9 Jun 2013
Three days spent at Neusiedler See, large lake in north eastern Austria. Despite my sprained ankle, slowly healing, we make about 80 kilometers around the lake. We tasted local wine and cuisine, and really took some rest from our kids.
  25 May 2013 - 2 Jun 2013
Business trip to China city of Xi'an, located in western part of the country. With more than 8 million inhabitants it is one of oldest cities in China, it even used to be a capital city and still is very important cultural, educational, and industrial centre.
From series China


  2 Sep 2012 - 8 Sep 2012
A week in highlands around town Svratka. Good family vacation with small trips around our location, swimming pool and various playground loved by our kids. We even managed some a little longer walks (around 7km) in rocky area called Toulovcovy mastale.
  16 Feb 2012
Rather short afternoon trip on cross-country ski. Sumbera is wood-road winding over valley that leads from Brno to Bilovice. Down below runs trains, above rise a calcite quarry. It had still enough snow to keep us going.


  2 Dec 2011
Alice and her sister Jana spent a weekend in capital of Hungary, Budapest. With exception of fog, they've seen some architecture, local cuisine and snowy spa, where fog was much denser than everywhere else.
  1 Oct 2011
Alice accepted difficult challenge, go to Kritiny walk with two small children. With great effort she succeeded and they all had been rewarded with certificate.
  28 Aug 2011 - 3 Sep 2011
One week of vacation in Hostyn mountains in the hotel Vsemina. Ad promised swimming pool, outdoor activities and many children playground. We were a little afraid how it goes, but it turned out very nice. Not too many people were there and Dan was really happy, especially once we found trampoline. We made couple of trips around the place, seen festival on Lukov castle and visited Zoo in Lesna.
From series Vsemina
  5 Jun 2011
Weekend trip to historical town of Dolni Kounice. Nice ruins of monastery Rosa Coeli (Sky rose) and church of St. Antonin.


  16 Oct 2010 - 20 Oct 2010
London - continued. See pictures of Tower Bridge, Greenwich, Parliament or Madame Tussaud's wax figures.
From series London|England
  16 Oct 2010 - 20 Oct 2010
Alice and her sister went to London for couple days. She just needed a rest from maternity. See nice pictures from autumn city.
From series London|England
  2 Oct 2010
Last year we liked this event a lot, so we tried again. Main hike is 50 kilometers, but they also offer shorter routes for less trained and families with small children. This time we changed stroller for child carrier and take my brother and Alice's father with us. We had great weather and a lot of fun.
  14 Aug 2010
Traditional event to celebrate birthday of Napoleon Bonaparte, french emperor who won large Battle of Austerlitz just close to Slavkov town. Each year people in soldier constumes gather, many booth with almost anything available and the most important - excellent wine tasting called Grand Prix Austerlitz.


  3 Oct 2009
Inspired by Alice's friend we tried long march around the town Krtiny. Longest distance of 50km was far out of our reach, so we went with pram only a quarter -- 12km. It was difficult anyway, we partly carried our son in hands, partly in the pram and only small portion we could overcome by normal ride. The terrain was though -- rocky and hilly.
  31 Aug 2009 - 4 Sep 2009
Our first vacation with recently born son Daniel. We carefully choose location close to Brno where we live and picked nice hotel just next to Plumlov castle. During the week we did trips around and visited cathedral in Olomouc as well as hiked highest hill of Hana region - Velky Kosir.
From series Plumlov
  15 Aug 2009
Traditional event on occassion of Napoleon Bonaparte birthday. Trade fairs, historical soldier uniforms and wine tasting. We were interested mostly by last one - 229 excellent marks was prepared for our pleasure.
  1 Feb 2009 - 31 Jan 2010
Since our son Daniel was born, there is not much time to do distant trips. But just close to our house there is nice way called Sumbera, which can be easily done with stroller. Photos are from several fall and winter walks.


  7 Sep 2008 - 9 Sep 2008
After a week on a bike we finally returned to Marseille. Since we did not dare going highways by bike we rather used bus and spent whole day walking and exploring the city. It is built around historic port and middle-ages fortification still watch the entry. Above looms monumental cathedral and offers wonderful overlook to city around.
From series Provence|France
  5 Sep 2008 - 7 Sep 2008
The journey around Provence continues. Pictures from Avignon, Tarascon, national park Camarque. Enjoy.
From series Provence|France
  3 Sep 2008 - 5 Sep 2008
Second bunch of photos from Provence region. We got quite inside and camped near the town of Arles. From this location we conducted many trips to the north - Tarascon and Avignon - and to the south-west - to the national park Camarque, known for white horse breed.
From series Provence|France
  2 Sep 2008 - 9 Sep 2008
This was the first time we dared to take our bikes somewhere far from our home. Packed in paper boxes they flew with us to Marseille airport and then endured whole week carrying of us with all we needed, like food, tent or bike tools.
From series Provence|France
  1 Jun 2008
Nine hours changing flight from Phoenix to Prague we spent visiting New York City, especially what we know about it - Manhattan. Having slept almost whole time, blindly seen Central Park, Empire State Building and Broadway.
From series Southwest USA
  25 May 2008
During the stay in San Diego I must seen the aircraft carrier USS Midway, that is on display in San Diego Bay. Six hours on board was not enough to thoroughly inspect interesting aspects of the ship. In one word - amazing.
From series Southwest USA
  24 May 2008 - 26 May 2008
Because of aircraft carrier museum we visited San Diego and were surprised by nice coastal city, very green and inspirating. Photos in this article are from walking the city and visiting SeaWorld park.
From series Southwest USA
  9 May 2008
Visit in Sedona area. One trail was so called West Fork Trail in the Oak Canyon, second stop was in town of Sedona with beautiful views to whole areas of red rocks.
From series Southwest USA
  6 May 2008 - 7 May 2008
Two days of visit in Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument. Very deserted, but beautiful area on Utah's southern border. We trailed to Upper Calf Creek, tried to ride to the Hole in the Rock and hiked canyon in area below the Yellow Rock.
From series Southwest USA
  19 Apr 2008
Few photos from PIMA Air and Space Museum located in Tucson, Arizona. About 170 different types of airplane is exhibited here. Really interesting collection for any aviation enthusiast.
From series Southwest USA
  6 Apr 2008 - 2 Jun 2008
List of all articles talking about our USA trip. Also few photos that haven't fit anywhere else and the map of our journey.
  6 Apr 2008 - 2 Jun 2008
Last two months I was in Phoenix, Arizona. Not only working there, I also had a vacation during my stay, traveling some interesting places in vicinity. This is the first article of America series.
From series Southwest USA
  3 Mar 2008
I had to visit Prague, because of obtaining visa at U.S. embassy. The process went smoothly, so I spared some time to walk Prague a bit and also try out the TV transmitting tower. It is combined with observation point with good views to town. Despite unpleasant weather it was quite nice.


  22 Dec 2007
Alice had been to Wien for pre-christmas fairs. Winter is not very rich for a snow this year, however the hot mead was nice prevention of cold. It was one of fine components there, another was typical goods for the season.
  15 Sep 2007 - 20 Sep 2007
Almost complete week on bike travelling near south border of Czech republic - it is that with Austria. Nice countryside changed with fish farming, you can see many artificial lakes there.
From series South Bohemia
  8 Sep 2007
Aka Czech Internation Air Fest. Many nations came to present their planes. I was there just one evening, but it was very interesting to see all that interesting aircraft.
  11 Aug 2007
Fairs in Slavkov (Austerlitz) town. The place is famous because of signing treaty effectively finishing french war against Third coalition after famous Austerlitz battle. On the castle there was wine gustation along with show of many soldiers from old times.
  20 Jul 2007
My company has a teambuilding on airport in Krizanov. Some roasted meat and many aircraft either for looking or for flying. Here are pictures of most of them.
  14 Jul 2007 - 15 Jul 2007
Some photo remains of Corsica. Mostly seashore areas where important towns are laying. Pictures are from Bastia and Ajaccio.
From series Corsica
  12 May 2007
By occassion of visiting Theatre on Vinohrady we spend one day of exploring our capital. It is quite easy as the city is very nice, especially some places. You can see some photos of historical and less historical places you can find across the city.
  7 Apr 2007 - 8 Apr 2007
A bicycle trip into famous rocky valley called Toulovec's stables. We rode across Highlands and visited also some other interesting places, i.e. castle Svojanov or pilgrim place on Green Hill.
  31 Mar 2007
Simple walk through pre-spring nature, just a few stop of train from Brno.
  20 Jan 2007 - 25 Jan 2007
Once one of the richest towns of Europe, important seaport, where the best goods from India was to buy. That was Amsterdam of 17th century. We explored this city now, and were not disappointed.
From series Amsterdam


  30 Dec 2006 - 1 Jan 2007
Eating and gaming New Year's Eve. Besides of these activities we also reached the summit of Loucky hill, where a castle was standing ages ago. However now it is quite empty and you must have a lot of luck to find there at least something.
  12 Dec 2006 - 16 Dec 2006
5 reasons describing that the life in Czech republic is better than in Finland.
  28 Oct 2006
There were renaissance fairs on castle Sovinec. On performance took part historical groups, swordsmen, music bands and many handcrafters. You could also buy potatoe-pancakes, which were just slightly burned.
  14 Oct 2006
Some pictures from our wedding ...
  30 Sep 2006
Hike and photographic trip round Brno. Roughly 25 kilometers through woods and fields. Promisingly beautiful weather remained all day.
  23 Jul 2006
Our Wien experience. First part of day we roamed in the city, watching historical places. We also visited huge exposition of zoo museum in Marie Teresie palace. Another part of day we spend in entertainment part called Prater.
  11 Jun 2006
Some summer photos from area of famous Battle of Austerlitz.
  21 May 2006 - 27 May 2006
Ala's working week in Finland.
  13 May 2006
Another observation tower, this time near Brno (far about 10 kilometers northern). It is placed on south summit of nice rocky ridge called Babi Lom. As our way advanced, we reached also great cathedral in Vranov.
  28 Feb 2006
In Czech republic there was large pre-WW2 fortification system, built on French patterns. Large forts made of concrete was armed mainly by machine guns and should stop enemy (Hitler's Germany in this case) from penetration into republic. This article was translated into English
From series Jeseniky
  28 Jan 2006
This is very light approach to try free-riding: take cross-country ski on sunny winter day, when everything is frozen and fast. Then just slide through the forest, fun guaranteed.
  15 Jan 2006
Cross-country ski around my hometown, Brno. Nice path through the woods, especially one part downhills. Fast run down in deep snow, trying to remain upright. Funny


  29 Oct 2005
On the last days of autumn we went out to find nice hill and favourable wind. We had nice kite, made by Alice and her father. As you can see on the photographs, we found both and kite flied over us for a long time.
  28 Oct 2005
This friday was national holiday - we spent it by travelling few hours to Budapest. Then walking through this 2-million city, watching autumn and great historical buildings. It left fine feelings as it is very nice town.
  26 Aug 2005
Sometimes I take my bike to kind of trip. This time the destination was small gorge on verge of Highlands, legend says baron de Trenck and his men hides here. In fact I cannot imagine how someone could hide here, but legend is legend. Track was not very good for bike as I have to bring bike on my back almost five kilometers.
  14 Aug 2005 - 20 Aug 2005
Last article about Paris. Fly through french history, shown upon old buildings, churches and domes. Last few pictures are from Centre de Villette - a park containing biggest technical museum in Europe. Great technical exposition, 3D cinemas, real submarine ready for your visit. See some views.
From series Paris|France
  14 Aug 2005 - 20 Aug 2005
Some photos from Paris, mostly about food. How to eat shrimp. Some cloudy pictures from La Defence, skyscrapers town along with some sunny pictures from botanic garden.
From series Paris|France
  14 Aug 2005 - 20 Aug 2005
Paris - city of cities. Capital town when you talk about fashion, fine arts or gastronomic experiences. Coffee bars, small shops, green boulevards. Beautiful iron tower designed by Alexandre Eiffel, monumental cathedral of Notre Dame, iron and glass shining skyscrapers in La Defence. Hot and full of life town on Seina river. Welcome there ...
From series Paris|France
  6 Aug 2005
Every trip has its reason. This time it is my learning drive a car. I have had a driving licence for a long time, however I have no car nor experience. For start we decided for destination near my hometown, Brno. There is flat area with some hills, about 30 kilometers far. Mostly grapes are grown there, place is called Palava. We have visited two castles risen above that area.


  31 Dec 2004 - 2 Jan 2005
Although it is unbelievable, there is no snow around this New Year landscape snaps. We have to wait a fair amount of time to see a winter scenery.
  5 Sep 2004
Some photos from summer holiday. Nice sea, ancient beautiful cities and full days of sunshine.
From series Croatia
  29 Aug 2004 - 8 Sep 2004
This is just one photo announcement for our one week trip to Croatia.
  21 Aug 2004 - 22 Aug 2004
Bike trip to the Laa, town with thermal springs. Not very far from Brno, so just weekend was needed to ride there, take some bathing and return.




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