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USS Midway

25 May 2008

During the stay in San Diego I must seen the aircraft carrier USS Midway, that is on display in San Diego Bay. Six hours on board was not enough to thoroughly inspect interesting aspects of the ship. In one word - amazing.

At the sea. F/A-18 Hornet on the deck

F/A-18 Hornet in russian camouflage From the lift - a view to USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) A-4 Skyhawk

F-4 Phantom Operation Control On the flight deck - A-7 Corsair ready on catapult

San Diego Museum schematic

1 two steam catapult
2 three lift devices. Every can bring up or down two planes or helicopters
3 landing area
4 stairs to crew area
5 stairs to hangar deck
6 landing officer place
7 Island superstructure. Captain, Chief Flying Officer, radiocommunications, radar and many control rooms

Early warning E-2C Hawkeye Officer's room Sea King helicopter

F-14 Tomcat Officer's dining room In the cockpit of F-4 Phantom

Landing on a carrier

Following schema shows procedure how to land F-4 Phantom on USS Midway. It is redrawn instructions I found on display.

1 800 ft altitude hook down, armament switches off, autopilot disengaged
2 level break
3 speed brakes required
4 landing gear down, 250 kcas
5 wing flaps full down
6 speed brakes in
7 landing check list
8 descend to 600ft wings level
9 downwind leg (approx. 90-91% rpm), 600ft altitude, 1.2-1.5mi abeam
10 APCS - as desired
11 on speed approach indexer indication (85-88% rpm)
12 approx. 30 deg of bank
13 on speed approach indexer indication (in turn, approx 450ft altitude)
14 intercept glide slope at approx 1 - 1.25 mile on speed approach indexer indication (85 - 88% rpm) 30 - 35 seconds on glide slope
15 wave off, military power (max if required)


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San Diego - Travel USA - Joshua Tree



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