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Welcome on my pages devoted mainly to travelling, hiking and photography. This is limited version of my web in czech language. Instead of full text it contains just translated titles and a few sentences what it was about. And of course the photos, main purpose of this web.

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  7 Sep 2023 - 11 Sep 2023
Last portion of the trip was two day trail Fimmvörþuháls heading between two glaciers. Initial ascent was quite easy, moving from Volcano Huts valley to the glacier field on the top. On open fields it started raining again and it kept on lava fields, ice and snow fields, and everywhere else. Fortunately near highest point of the trail there was a chalet. The shelter, some dry place without wind, and a bit of beer helped a lot. The other day was descent to Skogar winding around a river with many waterfalls. It kept raining all day, but vision of close end moved us through all day with a good mood. After tasting great fish&chips, enjoying thermal swimming pool at Hvolsvöllur, and day in Reykjavik we successfully finished this trip.
Mountains | Published: 28 Jan 2024
From series Iceland
  5 Sep 2023 - 6 Sep 2023
The route continues over flat black volcanic fields. The landscape is rather dull and monotonous, with nice hills on the horizon. Weather follows Icelandic standard, it is constantly drizzling with occassional rains and few seconds long sun shows. We decided to press on a bit and joined two segments of the route, finishing Laugavegur in Volcano Huts site.
Mountains | Published: 7 Jan 2024
From series Iceland
  3 Sep 2023 -
Initial part of the Laugavegur trail, from Landmannalaugar over Höskuldsskáli and Álftavatn to Hvanngil chalet. We'd been warned about blizzard, which actually came. In strong winds and frequent rains we made it to the highest point of the trail, where we had spent night in a tent. The morning greeted us with couple inches of snow. The first two days had been through so-called "rainbow mountains" with beautiful views, strong winds, weather changing every few seconds. After we landed in Hvanngil chalet, we were pretty happy to accept the shelter.
Mountains | Published: 23 Dec 2023
From series Iceland
  31 Aug 2023 - 2 Sep 2023
Trip to Iceland to travel famous Laugavegur trail. We arrived to Keflavik airport, about 50 kilometers from the country capital, Reykjavik. As we arrived after midnight and failed to reach the camp we have booked, we had to spend the night on wastes close to the airport fence. Following day we moved to the capital, looked a bit around and in the next morning moved to the start of the trail, Landmanalaugar site.
Mountains | Published: 17 Dec 2023
From series Iceland
  1 Jul 2023 - 8 Jul 2023
First week of July we hiked over less famous portion of Mala Fatra mountains in Slovakia with Alice and her sister's dog Bella. It was a bit risky, but turned out to be great adventure and nice time. Five days of hike over summits and valleys, grassy meadows, deep forests and occassional rocks, sleeping in tent, drinking from quells and cooking on gas stove. Last few days we spent in camp Slunecne skaly (Sunny rocks) and tried local rocks with some climbing. Slovakia at its best.
Mountains | Published: 21 Oct 2023
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31 Aug 2023 - 11 Sep 2023
Iceland - Laugavegur Iceland - Winds and Snows Iceland - Volcano Huts Iceland - Fimmvörþuháls

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2 Jul 2022 - 9 Jul 2022
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27 Aug 2021 - 3 Sep 2021
Captain's log Captain's log - cont.



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Iceland - Fimmvörþuháls Iceland - Volcano Huts Iceland - Winds and Snows Iceland - Laugavegur Walking the dog | Slovakia

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