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6 Apr 2008 - 2 Jun 2008

List of all articles talking about our USA trip. Also few photos that haven't fit anywhere else and the map of our journey.

Ala's arrival to Phoenix

Montezuma Castle Toyota Prius Rental Car Praire northern of Flagstaff Old road bridge over Colorado near Cameron

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  6 Apr 2008 - 2 Jun 2008
Last two months I was in Phoenix, Arizona. Not only working there, I also had a vacation during my stay, traveling some interesting places in vicinity. This is the first article of America series.
From series Southwest USA
  19 Apr 2008
Few photos from PIMA Air and Space Museum located in Tucson, Arizona. About 170 different types of airplane is exhibited here. Really interesting collection for any aviation enthusiast.
From series Southwest USA
  20 Apr 2008
Some photos from our trip to Superstition Mountains, the range located eastern from Phoenix, about five miles north-east from Apache junction.
From series Southwest USA
  31 Apr 2008 - 2 May 2008
Some photos from our trip to the Grand Canyon National Park. The descent down and the way back up showed us what the "Grand" means, also we experienced really interesting trip that my wife calls reversed-mountain.
From series Southwest USA
  3 May 2008 - 5 May 2008
Pictures from famous Zion National Park. We spent three days in vicinity and hiked Angel's Landing, Observation Point, Echo Canyon, Hidden Canyon and Emerald Pools. Really amazing piece of rock carved over years by Virgin River.
From series Southwest USA
  5 May 2008 - 6 May 2008
Bryce Canyon is interesting area of delicately carved spires in red color. The national park offers three amphiteathers to watch, hike and enjoy.
From series Southwest USA
  6 May 2008 - 7 May 2008
Two days of visit in Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument. Very deserted, but beautiful area on Utah's southern border. We trailed to Upper Calf Creek, tried to ride to the Hole in the Rock and hiked canyon in area below the Yellow Rock.
From series Southwest USA
  8 May 2008 - 10 May 2008
Arizona is the state of multitude of contrasts. On the one side there is a hot desert with dry rocks, on the other there are mountains covered with snow. Both luring people like us to climb or hike there.
From series Southwest USA
  9 May 2008
Visit in Sedona area. One trail was so called West Fork Trail in the Oak Canyon, second stop was in town of Sedona with beautiful views to whole areas of red rocks.
From series Southwest USA
  11 May 2008
Pictures from our visit to Desert Botanic Garden in Phoenix. On fenced area you can see unbelievable number of various cactuses. Also many interesting information about desert animals and about whole ecosystem of Sonora desert.
From series Southwest USA
  24 May 2008 - 26 May 2008
Because of aircraft carrier museum we visited San Diego and were surprised by nice coastal city, very green and inspirating. Photos in this article are from walking the city and visiting SeaWorld park.
From series Southwest USA
  25 May 2008
During the stay in San Diego I must seen the aircraft carrier USS Midway, that is on display in San Diego Bay. Six hours on board was not enough to thoroughly inspect interesting aspects of the ship. In one word - amazing.
From series Southwest USA
  26 May 2008 - 27 May 2008
During return from San Diego we splitted 500 mile long way and stopped for night and day in Joshua Tree National Park. Night just below stairy sky and moving trees was cold, but unforgettable, then we made few trips in the park.
From series Southwest USA
  1 Jun 2008
Nine hours changing flight from Phoenix to Prague we spent visiting New York City, especially what we know about it - Manhattan. Having slept almost whole time, blindly seen Central Park, Empire State Building and Broadway.
From series Southwest USA



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