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Vertical Arizona

8 May 2008 - 10 May 2008

Arizona is the state of multitude of contrasts. On the one side there is a hot desert with dry rocks, on the other there are mountains covered with snow. Both luring people like us to climb or hike there.

Humphrey's Peak (12,637 feet)

The highest peak of Arizona is located in close neighborhood of Flagstaff. We climbed up from the Snowbowl Park. Because a lot of snow was there, we quickly lost our way in heaps of snow that filled woods in bottom parts.

The start of ascent

Some snow started On the summit of Humphrey's Peak Agassiz Peak

Like everyone that day we decided to climb it almost directly up, traversing rock filled slopes and snow areas. After we passed the wood-line, neverending rocky slope leaded us up to the ridge. And there just behind one peak we found the summit of Humphrey's Peak.

Snow towers From the descent, ski slope

The following chart shows our trip timewise. The height is in meters above sea level, time is in hours of Arizona time.

Climbing at The Pond, Devil's Canyon and Atlantis

The pictures below is from our climbing in three areas between towns of Superior and Globe. From Phoenix you can get there via Interstate 60. At the back of Superior, the road start to climb up the hills. Just after the tunnel, on the right hand side, there is a parking place.

The Pond area

Climbing below, there is located Atlantis area. Next parking place to the right is accesspoint to The Pond. Just go along the road further to the bridge, carefully cross the road and climb rocks right from the first small pond. There is another pond around which some routes can be found.

A little longer route

Aproach route The Pond and the beach The small rest

Between the rocks Man on the rock

First attempts in Devil's Canyon Crack Jodie in action Safeguard Over the cliff

Almost on the top Doggie called Pumpkin Difficult route

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