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  1 Sep 2021 - 3 Sep 2021
From Orlik dam back to Hluboka. Castle Zvikov and back.
From series Vltava
  27 Aug 2021 - 31 Aug 2021
Houseboat at Vltava river. First part from Hluboka chateau to Orlik dam.
From series Vltava
  5 Jun 2021 - 6 Jun 2021
Two day easy water travel over river Thaya. Rather little water allowed our boys to train how to control the canoe and improve in reading water.


  29 Aug 2020 - 30 Aug 2020
Second time on Morava river, this time just our family. Much more water than last time made the drive quite quick, so we camped about 8 kilometers futher in nicer place with great buffet, nice water powerplant and friendly goat Ruzenka. Boys get better in canoe skills and despite rainy weather at the start it was really nice.


  7 Aug 2018 - 10 Aug 2018
Second part of our week-long trip to Hungary and its almost-sea Balaton lake. It was wonderful summer vacation with swimming in shallow waters of the lake, melons, ice cream, camping, running and having fun. On the route back we visited romantic castle of Sumeg and thermal baths at Mesteri.
From series Balaton | Hungary
  4 Aug 2018 - 6 Aug 2018
The summer vacation with kids. We abandoned any plans to go anywhere too far and picked close countries - Austria and Hungary for short road-trip. Packed with two tents we did first stop in Marchegg for famous stork trails and second in Mosonmagyarovar for thermal enjoyment and Hungarian cuisine.
From series Balaton | Hungary
  16 Jun 2018 - 17 Jun 2018
First introduction of our kids to inflatable boats and going down the river. Easy Thaya river and one of its forks had nicely located camp in the middle of the journey, where we slept in the tents. Combination of sunny weather and beautiful surroundings turned out to be great way to spend weekend.


  2 Jul 2017 - 9 Jul 2017
Our kids never saw any kind of sea, we never dared to travel that far. This one had number of firsts - first flight, first sea swimming, first island. But above that it was nice vacation that all of us enjoyed. Half was in Dubrovnik's port Gruz, other half on close Elaphiti island called Lopud.
From series Croatia


  26 Aug 2016 - 28 Aug 2016
Last weekend of summer vacation. We spent three days in South Moravia area called Pálava, known for wineyards, castles, and lakes. We did some swimming, wine tasting and trips, but our kids especially loved our tent placement in Apollo camp. We were next to fenced area with goats and sheep. Boys took some of them for "theirs", gave them names and in every free moment they kept feeding them.


  28 Aug 2015 - 31 Aug 2015
Last weekend of the summer holiday. Our boys were telling us all the time that they want to go out camping, so we decided to go down to Hungary and find a nice place to stay with tents, enjoy last sunrays of the summer and have good time together. Alice found a place called Lipot, close to the point where borders of Slovak, Hungary, and Austria touch. In the town there were thermal baths, nice bakery with view to its production line, and many nice places around. On the way back we visited Bratislava, Slovak capital and exhibit dedicated to Titanic sinking and wreck exploration.


  28 Jul 2013
Near Lulec there is wonderful lido made in closed quarry before WWII. It was built by czech sport organization called Sokol (Falcon) and most places have nice old-fashioned athmosphere. Alice tried to make B/W photos, enjoy.


  29 May 2010
Slightly unusual bike ride. The Bily Potok (White Creek) leads in deep valley crossed by a creek and the path for bike is many times go over it. Wades are normally shallow, but there were some heavy rains prior this trip ...


  17 Jul 2008 - 20 Jul 2008
This was still water river, called Luznice. This time of year there is almost no river very wild, though this was one of the stillest I ever did. On the other hand we were rewarded by two campfile opportunities, one of them we had even guitar with us.


  1 Aug 2007 - 5 Aug 2007
Flow down Vltava river, one of the famous one for summer water fun. There are many pubs around the river and many interesting places to see, for one beautiful city of Cesky Krumlov.
  4 Jul 2007 - 5 Jul 2007
This vacation we decided to spend on Corsica, small, but mountaineous island in Mediterranean sea. Here is the arrival onto Corsica's biggest port named Bastia, some sea fun and then move in mountains through pass called Scala di Santa Regina = A stairway of the queen.
From series Corsica


  17 Nov 2006
We spent some time in thermal baths in city of Gyor (Hungary). We roamed for a while over the historical centre of city, too. You can see some sunny autumn pictures of this fine Hungarian place.
  9 Sep 2006 - 10 Sep 2006
A weekend spent on Vranov dam. It is the most beautiful dam I know, snaking between rocks, making a lot of curves and nice corners. In the middle of it there are two castles - Bitov and Cornstejn, the latter is mere walls and some ruins.


  22 Jul 2005 - 24 Jul 2005
Last year we spent some fine time on the Ohre river. So we decided to repeat the successful journey on another wide river, Sazava. Although the weather was not very sunny, I liked it very much. Three days of lazy sailing.
  2 Apr 2005
Sailing along the Svratka river - it was early spring, when there is enough water. It causes big waves and a lot of lapping. Two experienced crews together with two first-time crews. They capsize only a few times.


  31 Aug 2004
Second stop was to visit Plitvice lakes - a river with content of calcite built some natural barriers there and a lot of lakes appears. Entrance fee is six euro. How natural.
From series Croatia
  30 Aug 2004
First stop of our Croatia trip. In Hungary, near Balaton lake there is town Heviz. It is famous for its thermal springs - warm water fill the small natural pool and there is a wooden castle built on. Also nice flowers were all around there.
From series Croatia
  17 Jul 2004 - 20 Jul 2004
Four days on the river, sailing. It was the calm one, almost no excitements except what we made ourselves. No one drown.




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