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  17 Jun 2017
For about twelve months I've been preparing for marathon run, this one was attempt to run the full length. Alice went with me on bike as support and motivation team. Between rivers Morava and Dyje there is nice flat area. I run to the confluence and back, totalling slightly over 42 kilometers.


  9 Jul 2016
Few pictures from airshow in Breclav. I took both boys to see exhibition of military technology and aerobatics. Probably most interesting was static display of Mil Mi-171 (Mi-8 derivative) which served in Afghanistan as military transport.
  20 Jun 2016
One of largest zoo in Czech is in our capital Prague. Recently they had new breed of young animals like buffalo, elephant, or anteater. An interesting part was watching feeding of anteaters, with an inspection of the puppy.
  19 Jun 2016
Visit to Prague Air Museum in Kbely. It has host of aircraft from various epoch of Czech and foreign aviation, ranging from early pre-WWI designs to relatively modern supersonic machines from end of 20th century.


  4 Sep 2015
Annual teambuilding event at Krizanov (LKKA) airport. Discussions, good food, games, and sightseeing flights on both gliders and powered aircraft. Also number of czech historic planes were on display and also presented in flight.


  31 Oct 2010
Nightly photo of teethy pumpkin Alice made.


  11 May 2009
On May 11, 2009 was born our son Daniel.


  11 Oct 2008
Photos from a mushroom trip, in the foggy fields and woods with our dog. When sunbeams find its way through clouds and fog, usually create beautiful scenery.
  29 Aug 2008
One morning we got awaken and see a grasshopper just above our bed.
  11 May 2008
Pictures from our visit to Desert Botanic Garden in Phoenix. On fenced area you can see unbelievable number of various cactuses. Also many interesting information about desert animals and about whole ecosystem of Sonora desert.
From series Southwest USA


  6 Oct 2007
There exists one tradition in Czech republic, it is collecting of mushrooms. People go into woods, not interested in anything else than mushrooms sticking out the grass. The resulting heap of them then is cooked or roasted. It is quite dangerous to eat them, the proof it that most of mushroom experts I know about died from mushroom poison.
  14 Apr 2007
Some photos from small trip to Prague, the capital of Czech republic. Most of time we spend at the zoo and most of photos are from that location.
  10 Mar 2007
Camellia exposition in castle Rajec over Svitava. They showed also flower bouquets and porcelain, mostly originated in China or the Orient. Second part of article contains pictures of orchids showed in Brno's arboretum.


  5 Nov 2006
This year it looks as winter don't want to come. There are however some attempts, which I tried to capture using my camera. There were also some snow (really, I'm not kidding).
  23 Sep 2006
This garden is part of Agricultural college, often used for students as learning tool. In some cases it is open for public. The autumn time is well-suited for such visit as everything is in beautiful colors.
  17 Jun 2006 - 18 Jun 2006
Some pictures from flower gardens of Kromeriz, small town placed in South Moravia
  27 May 2006
Some photos from volleyball tournament.
  19 May 2006
Fireworks in Brno, I was also there and tried to capture something. Unlike last time it took place in Brno center, over Petrov church.
  1 Jan 2006
Two pictures remained after this New Year. It was propably the most lazy one in my life ...


  8 Oct 2005
I like fall colors, yellow and red. They are all around and they shines best when sun light them up. I take some snaps during my way to work, in Brno's parks.
  1 Jun 2005
Along with Brno fairs our councillors prepared some entertainment for us, common men. On artificial lake found in outskirts there were fireworks competition. Every week one group showed us what they call the best firework in the world. Just joke, but it was nice. I made a few photo experiments.
  13 May 2005
During winter it rains frequently, days were cloudy and photos were gray and not joyful. Fortunately, this season went away and we can see the sun on the clear blue sky. Also snaps happen to pleasure me, so I want to share my joy with you. Some flowers ...


  21 Nov 2004
Some snaps of first snow fallen in Brno. It is the second before it vanish, I had to be very fast to catch it this white.
  30 Oct 2004
Autumn is the paradise for photographer. I like color of this season very much, here you can find two maple snaps.
  5 Sep 2004
I like sea and taking photographs. The trip to the Adriatic sea was opportunity to try another photographic discipline - taking snaps under the water. So I bought a simple and cheap camera made by Fuji, and tried to use it. Some snaps were not as bad as I expected, so you can see some of them here. I also broke the case to see, how is it made.
From series Croatia
  17 Aug 2004
During climb on rock Stranska I was trying very old camera found by my father. It is called Flexaret and takes photos on slide film 6x6cm. It was surprising, but results were not bad at all.




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