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Iceland - Fimmvörþuháls

7 Sep 2023 - 11 Sep 2023

Last portion of the trip was two day trail Fimmvörþuháls heading between two glaciers. Initial ascent was quite easy, moving from Volcano Huts valley to the glacier field on the top. On open fields it started raining again and it kept on lava fields, ice and snow fields, and everywhere else. Fortunately near highest point of the trail there was a chalet. The shelter, some dry place without wind, and a bit of beer helped a lot. The other day was descent to Skogar winding around a river with many waterfalls. It kept raining all day, but vision of close end moved us through all day with a good mood. After tasting great fish&chips, enjoying thermal swimming pool at Hvolsvöllur, and day in Reykjavik we successfully finished this trip.

Icelandic river and glacier in the background

Ford Narrows, vegetation vanishes On a glacier Chalet Baldvinsskáli One of many waterfalls

Waterfalls Closing to Skogar village Historical buildings - newer epoch Historical buildings - old

Food truck with great fish and chips Sleeping near Skogarfoss waterfall

From Reykjavik port

A restaurant Decorations everywhere Graffiti Ala in front of concert house Harph A pub in the port

A Church Unsuccessful attempt to dry something Icelandic treats

Iceland - Volcano Huts



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