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Iceland - Winds and Snows

3 Sep 2023 -

Initial part of the Laugavegur trail, from Landmannalaugar over Höskuldsskáli and Álftavatn to Hvanngil chalet. We'd been warned about blizzard, which actually came. In strong winds and frequent rains we made it to the highest point of the trail, where we had spent night in a tent. The morning greeted us with couple inches of snow. The first two days had been through so-called "rainbow mountains" with beautiful views, strong winds, weather changing every few seconds. After we landed in Hvanngil chalet, we were pretty happy to accept the shelter.

Around lava fields

Iceland signposts Rainbow mountains Rainbow mountains Muddy downhill

Creek and thermal sources Night in a tent


Morning snows One of many windy places Thermal creek Ascent to sand dune

Ford A view to new landscape A grass for a change One of few sunny moments

Hvanngil chalet Not raining at the moment

Iceland - Laugavegur - Iceland - Volcano Huts



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