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Hardangervidda around Finse|Norway

19 Aug 2017 - 27 Aug 2017

In central part of southern Norway, bordering to the north with railway between Oslo and Bergen is largest mountain plateau in Europe. Elevation is slightly above 1000 meters featuring rocky terrain on the north in area close to Hardangerjøkulen glacier. More to the south it slowly changes to grassy valleys with many lakes and rivers.

Last view to Finse

On a bridge Another of many bridges Together on the Finse glacier A lot of water along the trail

Lakes in the valleys Close to end of the day Cleaning teeth Camp in the lake

Nice valley in front of us

Windbreaker from stones Kraekkja chalet Endless space Welcome to Fagerheim chalet

The most expensive soup in my life Souvenir shop Westward Nice cottage

Along Hardangervidda to Eidfjord|Norway



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