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2 Jul 2017 - 9 Jul 2017

Our kids never saw any kind of sea, we never dared to travel that far. This one had number of firsts - first flight, first sea swimming, first island. But above that it was nice vacation that all of us enjoyed. Half was in Dubrovnik's port Gruz, other half on close Elaphiti island called Lopud.

Rhapsody of the Seas is setting sail

Entrance to Gruz port, view to Franjo Tuđman bridge Evening in Gruz port Ala and Dan on borrowed kayak Honza's crocodile

Card game of Black Peter Water games In action Jumps to the water

Evening terrace Ship to take us to Lopud island Here we stayed for few nights

A view to the port

Beach and town at Lopud island Trip to the centre of the island One of many butterflies Oldest church at the island from 9th century

Sea and Elaphiti islands On a walk Honza goes swimming

Panorama cruise sets sail

Strange fish Maybe a lobster Captain Candy Alice on Dubrovník city walls

Main street in Dubrovnik Dubrovnik city walls Cathedral and roofs of Dubrovnik One of north streets Tables are empty in the morning




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