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Xi'an - China

25 May 2013 - 2 Jun 2013

Business trip to China city of Xi'an, located in western part of the country. With more than 8 million inhabitants it is one of oldest cities in China, it even used to be a capital city and still is very important cultural, educational, and industrial centre.

Drum tower at night

Barber's on the streets On the city walls Concentration on the game Buzz on the street

Bell Tower in Xi'an centre I was told this is largest LCD screen on the world - roof of a mall Bonsai's and wall carvings Me with an elephant Skyscrapers with traditional roofs

Careful at the zebra crossing Nut shop - moslim quarter

Morning with smog and rain

Moslim quarter Poa moa - pita with port and noodle Poa moa restaurant Candies

City museum Teracota army - few statues excerpt Skyscrapers and alike In the town

Chinese wedding

Xi'an - China



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