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Paprsek cottage

30 Jun 2012 - 1 Jul 2012

Second trip was finally two-day endeavour. We picked a cottage called Paprsek ("Light ray" in czech) in western part of the mountain range and then found some way we never went before. It was quite adventurous, because the path was off beaten track and it led through a cattle area. Fortunately we just heard the sounds, but even those were pretty scary.


Alice is studying the map Meadows in Jeseniky Fortification next to Stare Mesto Not very clear path

Cold water, but very pleasant Detail of meadow Target of our trip - Paprsek cottage Together at the cottage Paprsek

Landscape A creek

Zlaty Chlum observation point - Jeseniky no kids - Zulová - Ramzova|Jeseniky



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