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Articles about people and animals, mostly glorifying our dog.


  7 Dec 2013
First (and last so far) snow we got in Brno. It lasted only one day, but I was quick enough to make nice trip with our dog. This article is also introduction of Masha. We took her from dog shelter two years ago, and since then she became regular family member with more rights than we have.


  11 Jan 2009
Jana, my wife's sister, bought a horse she have cared about for last few years. His name is Beethoven, but everyone calls him Beda. He does not care, because does not listen to any command. Few photos from this article is from winter "walk" the dog and the horse.


  20 Dec 2007
To our family came new doggie, this dachshund is now five months old puppy. He already started to train all family to serve him. Few barks is enough to open door, let him to garden or give him something edible.
  5 Nov 2007
In fall Bobik had died, after almost seventeen years of happy life. You get some pictures from his living with us.


  30 Dec 2006
Collection of few photos of our dog, gathered all along last year. The most important point of these is the fact, that Bessy learned herself to swim.
  10 Jun 2006
Some photos from Brno's zoo. This time I catched beaver out of his shelter. He was eating some carrot, swimming and showing himself (or herself) in his all beauty.
  22 Apr 2006
I've taken our family dog to some hiking. We went to visit observation tower, that had been renewed on Klucanina hill near Tisnov. It is concrete imitation of original wooden tower with beautiful views all around. Dog survived, as I expected.
  8 Jan 2006
With our family dog, nice day on cross county ski. There is great winter in Brno, surely the best of last few years. Plenty of snow as far as two kilometers from centre, so you can take ski and after 20 minutes run in woods.


  6 Nov 2005
As all dogs, our one likes to walk. What I say, not walking, rather running. I like her running style, so there is no surprise I am trying to catch it by camera. Here is some examples, nothing special, just a small step further.
  27 Aug 2005
I had to look after our dog during weekend. So I decided to make a trip to horse farm at Hostenice place. Girls rode a horse called Beethoven, then we tried whether dog can swim. Result was clear: she can but doesn't want.
  22 May 2005
In Brno there is the Zoo, great opportunity to do some photography. I took snaps of jaguar, chameleon and ice-bear, as well as many other animals. Have a look.
  22 Apr 2005
On november I wrote here about our dog. Here is some photos that describes progress of its grow. It longed for about seven months - from the small puppy to this dog.
  19 Mar 2005
My girlfriend, Alice, has also one dog, the dachshund of name Bobik. He is old one, fourteen years dog. Regardless of his age, he is very agile and trip loving. Get to know him.
  12 Mar 2005
I made some photos from horse farm. I got there thanks to my girlfriend's sister, who rides that great animals. She looks after horse Beethoven and she is allowed to ride on him.
  6 Feb 2005
Radek has also dog. It is puppy of big hound, golden retriever, named Dasty. He trains him a lot and in several books he read about befriending with another dogs. In this case, with our Bessy. A few photos of dogs game in snow.


  23 Nov 2004
During our friend's wedding my parents have found a small dog with no sign. They have decided to keep her. She is small black, maybe some kind of retriever.




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