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Unambitious climbing on rocks around Brno.


  20 Jan 2018 - 27 Jan 2018
During the business trip to Arizona we had two free weekends. We decided to try some climbing in two Arizona areas - Cochise Stronghold and Sedona. Nice sunny weather and interesting activity made for strong experience. I enjoyed both locations a lot.


  29 Dec 2011
Dry tools climbing at outdoor gym.


  29 Jun 2008
To take our dog to walk somewhere else than he is used to, we took him to accompany us climbing nice rock just near Brno town. He got soon quite impatient, but we managed to climb some nice runs.


  29 Jul 2007
Climbing trip to the rock hidden near Mokra-Horakov village. It is called Bajer's rock. Also some macro photos was captured, mostly flowers.
  1 Jun 2007
A visit of rope centre in Brno. Quite interesting afternoon spent climbing 12 metres high wooden columns, then trying to traverse various barriers. Sometimes it was rather physically difficult, sometimes it was more on fear of height.
  22 Apr 2007
A few of climbing photos from sunday afternoon spent in Rudice. As we did not achieved much success, it seems only real result are these photos.


  7 Oct 2006
As last chance before my wedding, we went to man-ride. We tried climbing centre in Brno, with a lot of barrier to overcome. Most of them is placed about 8 meters above ground, testing our bravery and stability.
  17 Sep 2006
Climbing on Stranska rock. This time using boulder-approach, without the rope, not going too high.
  27 Jul 2006 - 30 Jul 2006
Broumov is famous area of rocky towns. High towers loom over woods around, pleasing visitors and climbers. They are made of sandstone, matter we never tried before. We looked forward a lot and found it interesting but difficult.
  7 May 2006
On South Moravia lies small, but beautiful mountain range called Chriby. We picked two pearls from its treasure, climbing rock called Kozel (Goat) and ruins of middle-ages castle Cimburk.


  19 Jun 2005
Trying to climb some rocks around Brno.
  5 Jun 2005
Another climbing near Brno. After last success here we tried something more difficult. I also tried some rope manipulation and climbing, it could be useful for rescue in the mountains.
  1 May 2005
Happy sun was shining on the sunday. It was good time to go out to stretch old bones, climbing. On rocks of Stranska there is a lot of climbs that we almost managed. The word almost is very important, after some training it must be possible.


  4 Aug 2004
We were looking for the place for climbing around Brno. After some searching on the internet we found something near sink in Rudice. The trip reveal very interesting terrain, so we tried it on wednesday afternoon.
  25 Jul 2004




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