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Iceland - Volcano Huts

5 Sep 2023 - 6 Sep 2023

The route continues over flat black volcanic fields. The landscape is rather dull and monotonous, with nice hills on the horizon. Weather follows Icelandic standard, it is constantly drizzling with occassional rains and few seconds long sun shows. We decided to press on a bit and joined two segments of the route, finishing Laugavegur in Volcano Huts site.

Iceland plains

One of wilder rivers Group of people moving over river Path through volcanic sand Challet Emstrur-Botnar

A lot of geology Sunrays Start of some bushes Less nice ford

Bar at Volcano Huts Sauna and warm pool First blue sky so far Volcano Huts and Eyjafjallajokull

River in Iceland style Cave with waterfall Together at one of summits A bird

Iceland - Winds and Snows - Iceland - Fimmvörþuháls



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