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Cross Rychlebske hory

8 Aug 2020 - 11 Aug 2020

Since COVID-19 is everywhere, we tried to avoid people as much as possible. There are a mountains following Polish-Czech border called Rychlebske hory. As there are no chalets and the ridge is couple days walk, only people willing to drag your baggage and tent go there, promising much less people than in other areas. It turned out to be good choice and a lot of fun.

Rest place

Bath in quarry near Zulova Fire up the grill Javornik chateau Games before we started

Packing and departure Nice bath View tower at "Blueberry mountain" Nice view in the morning

Cooking the lunch Some goodies in Wood bar Grasshopper On the path

me with Dan Small refreshment with coffee Dan in blueberry bushes Honza ate blueberries

Rest at Chalet Paprsek



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