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25 Feb 2006 - 4 Mar 2006

Sitting in the train, looking forward to next week that we are going to spend in Jeseniky mountains. We took all our ski equipment and tried to wreck ourselves there. We were mostly successful I had to say.

Looking how to cross border from Poland

I am driving snowboard Piste of Ramzova Roman and Lucy on the lift Roman is going quite fast

Lucy on her snowboard On cross-country ski Roman fighting ski - not very successful Marcela on ski

Slightly snow-covered Alice Way round Paprsek Wild way down Ramzova piste on own foot

Pisten Bully View from Obri kameny Ramzova and its piste. Hill on the left is Serak Nightly view of Petrikov

A lot of snow Way to the Smrk Winter landscape Alice on her way to Smrk

Victory - summit seized

Jeseniky - Forts around Kraliky



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