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  6 Mar 2016 - 11 Mar 2016
Mountains | Published: 26 Mar 2016
  19 Dec 2015 - 22 Dec 2015
As usual we spent couple days out just before Christmas, to avoid all the chaos. During that time it is great to skiing on empty slopes and enjoy deserted resorts. This time we picked Dolni Morava area, in the valley under Kralicky Sneznik mountain. There was quite a little snow, but it was really enjoyable time.
Mountains | Published: 26 Mar 2016
  20 Dec 2014 - 22 Dec 2014
In order to avoid christmas shopping hell and widespread tendency to spend the nice time of the year with cleaning the house, we left for mountains, despite apparent lack of snow there. First day was without snow - we went to a trip to nearby woods. In the evening, it started snowing, so the following day we could build a snowman, have many snowball fights and bobsleigh fun with kids. Last day all snow melted and it was nice sunny when we were leaving.
Mountains | Published: 24 Jun 2015
  20 Dec 2013 - 22 Dec 2013
We typically use similar recipe for preparation of Christmas - to leave to some distant place in the mountains and do skiing and other winter joy. It is pretty easy to avoid preparation stress, also there is very little people in the mountains during that time. This year the weather did not promise anything good, but we still went and did not regret at all.
Mountains | Published: 9 Feb 2014
  7 Dec 2013
First (and last so far) snow we got in Brno. It lasted only one day, but I was quick enough to make nice trip with our dog. This article is also introduction of Masha. We took her from dog shelter two years ago, and since then she became regular family member with more rights than we have.
Dogs | Published: 1 Jan 2014
  4 Mar 2012 - 7 Mar 2012
One week that we spent in czech mountains. It came as surprise offer from our friends who had booked accomodation, but the other couple cancelled shortly before the trip. We accepted and never regret. It was rather easy to take care about three small kids and at the same time get some nice downhill skiing. We were also lucky for the weather. Alltogether wonderful time.
Mountains | Published: 20 Aug 2012
From series Orlicke Hory
  16 Feb 2012
Rather short afternoon trip on cross-country ski. Sumbera is wood-road winding over valley that leads from Brno to Bilovice. Down below runs trains, above rise a calcite quarry. It had still enough snow to keep us going.
Misc | Published: 27 Feb 2012
  2 Dec 2011
Alice and her sister Jana spent a weekend in capital of Hungary, Budapest. With exception of fog, they've seen some architecture, local cuisine and snowy spa, where fog was much denser than everywhere else.
Misc | Published: 26 Feb 2012
  28 Jan 2011 - 31 Jan 2011
Four days spent on Highlands with Dan, our year-and-half old son. I made good solo trip on cross-country ski, we've seen ski jump area located south of Nove Mesto and made tons of sculptures out of the snow.
Mountains | Published: 18 Apr 2011
  21 Dec 2009 - 23 Dec 2009
First winter vacation with our little son. We invented new transport by using top from stroller combined with sleigh. It worked quite well and enabled us to make few round-trips in Highlands.
Mountains | Published: 24 Jan 2010
  22 Mar 2008 - 23 Mar 2008
A weekend in the mountains, trying to catch last snow. While all winter was not very greedy this year, surprisinly some fell down during March. Very nice and funny.
Mountains | Published: 22 Mar 2008
  23 Feb 2008
At the time it seems to be last chance to catch with some snow. Austrian mountains in northern part are a bit higher, so our odds weren't that bad. It turned out to be very nice, although except for slopes there was no snow cover.
Mountains | Published: 23 Feb 2008
  12 Jan 2008
Cross country ski trip to the Jeseniky mountains. One attraction on the way there was waterfalls above the Nyznerov village. They are kinda small, but nice stop on our way. We haven't seen much snow for the ski until we reached the ridge, where for exchange the weather went a bit wild.
Mountains | Published: 12 Jan 2008
  22 Dec 2007
Alice had been to Wien for pre-christmas fairs. Winter is not very rich for a snow this year, however the hot mead was nice prevention of cold. It was one of fine components there, another was typical goods for the season.
Misc | Published: 22 Dec 2007
  15 Dec 2007 - 19 Dec 2007
Fortunate idea was, instead of "traditional" pre-christmas tidy up, to go into some mountain place and do skiing and other happy life things. There happen to be enough snow and three areas especially suitable for ski.
Mountains | Published: 15 Dec 2007
  30 Dec 2006 - 1 Jan 2007
Eating and gaming New Year's Eve. Besides of these activities we also reached the summit of Loucky hill, where a castle was standing ages ago. However now it is quite empty and you must have a lot of luck to find there at least something.
Misc | Published: 18 Feb 2007
  11 Feb 2006
Skiing in Austria
Mountains | Published: 6 Mar 2006
  1 Feb 2006 - 5 Feb 2006
Last month I did some cross-country on ski, every time in deep snow, making my own track. This time we wanted something else. Few days spent in Highlands region, where heavy machinery is making ski highways every morning.
Mountains | Published: 24 Feb 2006
  28 Jan 2006
This is very light approach to try free-riding: take cross-country ski on sunny winter day, when everything is frozen and fast. Then just slide through the forest, fun guaranteed.
Misc | Published: 16 Feb 2006
  21 Jan 2006
My friend, Martin, had invited me to visit his hometown called Vir. It lays in hilly landscape in the doorstep of Highlands. Target of our way was interesting observation tower made of steel, placed on the top of Horni les.
Mountains | Published: 10 Feb 2006
  19 Jan 2006
Because it is snowing all the time, we are going to round small ski-circle around Nove Mesto.
Mountains | Published: 31 Jan 2006
  15 Jan 2006
Cross-country ski around my hometown, Brno. Nice path through the woods, especially one part downhills. Fast run down in deep snow, trying to remain upright. Funny
Misc | Published: 27 Jan 2006
  8 Jan 2006
With our family dog, nice day on cross county ski. There is great winter in Brno, surely the best of last few years. Plenty of snow as far as two kilometers from centre, so you can take ski and after 20 minutes run in woods.
Dogs | Published: 20 Jan 2006
  30 Dec 2005
New Year we are going to spend by dolce far niente. For a clear conscience we went out to country, in this time naturally with cross-country ski. Pretty bad weather, freezing, windy, no-one with brain in head would go out. As expected, we met nobody, probably everyone spend this time by fire ...
Mountains | Published: 10 Jan 2006
  31 Dec 2004 - 2 Jan 2005
Although it is unbelievable, there is no snow around this New Year landscape snaps. We have to wait a fair amount of time to see a winter scenery.
Misc | Published: 15 Apr 2005
  29 Jan 2005 - 30 Jan 2005
In the distance of sixty kilometers western of Brno there is some hills, altogether called Highlands (Vysocina). Because of direct lines of train and regular considerable amount of snow it stands for ideal place for cross-country skiing. Centre of area is New Town (Nove mesto), where we found accomodation. As many people from Brno has similar opinion about suitability of place, typical routes around New Town was crowded. We have no other choice than create our own hill-to-hill path. It is beautiful to go as first in deep snow ...
Mountains | Published: 7 Feb 2005
  21 Nov 2004
Some snaps of first snow fallen in Brno. It is the second before it vanish, I had to be very fast to catch it this white.
Taking photos | Published: 8 Dec 2004

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