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  15 Aug 2019 - 18 Aug 2019
Moving forward to town of Oravice in area northern from Western Tatras. It sports thermal spas, too. It also offered nice area for mountain hikes, with views to rocky faces and a lot of nature wonders.
Mountains | Published: 19 Jan 2020
From series Slovakia
  10 Aug 2019 - 14 Aug 2019
First part of week-long holiday with kids in Slovakia. Starting with mountain trips at Mala Fatra mountains and two nights at a chalet. Next stop was in thermal spa town Besenova, sleeping in koliba (Slovakia traditional pub/accomodation) and some visits to baths. Despite (or because of) pretty cold temperatures and rainy days, it was memorable experience.
Mountains | Published: 18 Jan 2020
From series Slovakia
  3 Jul 2018 - 5 Jul 2018
There is famous organized hike over Jeseniky mountains called The sixty. The name refers to distance you have to hike, with good deal of elevation along the journey. In a bout of optimism Alice wanted to sign up and attend, but in the end we did not have anybody to take care of our kids. So we decided to try it out ourselves, a little more relaxed way over two days. It was pretty good, but we are still not sure we can make it in one day.
Mountains | Published: 21 Oct 2018
  15 Sep 2017 - 17 Sep 2017
Nice fall-weather trip to Jeseniky mountains. It did not disappointed and we enjoyed a lot of fog, drizzle, random views, and water puddles.
Mountains | Published: 29 Oct 2017
  21 Oct 2016 - 24 Oct 2016
It is always perfect to return to our younger days when we travelled the Slovakia mountains. Area around Mala (Small) Fatra is one of my most favorite one. First day we paid the debt to really visit Sulovske skaly (Sulov Rocks). Our last attempt years ago ended because of heavy rain. This time weather still was not perfect, but drizzle stopped when we reached highest point of the rocks and offered great views to valley with stripes of vapor. Remaining two days we had wonderful weather in Mala Fatra, with colorful trees and snowy ridge at the top.
Mountains | Published: 4 Mar 2017
  1 Oct 2016
Every year since 2009 we attended this traditional walk around Krtiny village. As usually we went shortest of the routes, 10 kilometers. This time Sandra and Katy joined us and we made the walk in great mood and in great weather.
Misc | Published: 1 Jan 2017
  3 Oct 2015
Seventh time at annual event in Krtiny village. It offers quite difficult 50 and 100 kilometers walks to those far more trained that we are, but for kids the ten kilometer round is rather nice. We joined two other families and it was good move. The kids were motivated and cheerful, and the trail was over before we noticed.
Misc | Published: 31 Oct 2015
  27 Jun 2015 - 30 Jun 2015
Few days spent in our favourite mountains, the Jeseniky in north of Czech. Last year we did good walk of about 9 kilometers, so we wanted to stretch this a bit more. In difficult weather (rain, fog) we managed to hike over 16 kilometers from Serak summit to our accomodation at Branna town. Remaining part was much easier, we did few strolls around Branna, swimming at pension pool, and visiting cake shop.
Mountains | Published: 26 Jul 2015
  20 Dec 2014 - 22 Dec 2014
In order to avoid christmas shopping hell and widespread tendency to spend the nice time of the year with cleaning the house, we left for mountains, despite apparent lack of snow there. First day was without snow - we went to a trip to nearby woods. In the evening, it started snowing, so the following day we could build a snowman, have many snowball fights and bobsleigh fun with kids. Last day all snow melted and it was nice sunny when we were leaving.
Mountains | Published: 24 Jun 2015
  4 Oct 2014
Another traditional walk (we attended for six years already) near Krtiny town. This time they returned to original route through Brezina and Bukovina, spanning some 10 kilometers. Boys tried to sabotage the endeavour, but at the end they walked most of the route of their own.
Misc | Published: 2 Nov 2014
  5 Oct 2013
Traditional walk around Krtiny village. We managed to push through two kids despite all their resistance. Not terribly difficult physically, but needed a lot of stubborness from us.
Misc | Published: 17 Nov 2013
  11 Sep 2010 - 19 Aug 2012
Hard to belive, but during last three year we found ourselves only at three trips alone without Dan and Honza. Because we wanted at some mountains again, but still return soon enough to look after them, we picked Jeseniky mountains, which are just about 120km from Brno.
Mountains | Published: 15 Sep 2012
  1 Oct 2011
Alice accepted difficult challenge, go to Kritiny walk with two small children. With great effort she succeeded and they all had been rewarded with certificate.
Misc | Published: 20 Nov 2011
  2 Oct 2010
Last year we liked this event a lot, so we tried again. Main hike is 50 kilometers, but they also offer shorter routes for less trained and families with small children. This time we changed stroller for child carrier and take my brother and Alice's father with us. We had great weather and a lot of fun.
Misc | Published: 28 Oct 2010
  3 Oct 2009
Inspired by Alice's friend we tried long march around the town Krtiny. Longest distance of 50km was far out of our reach, so we went with pram only a quarter -- 12km. It was difficult anyway, we partly carried our son in hands, partly in the pram and only small portion we could overcome by normal ride. The terrain was though -- rocky and hilly.
Misc | Published: 14 Oct 2009
  24 Jul 2009 - 26 Jul 2009
Mountains | Published: 24 Jul 2009
  23 Aug 2008 - 24 Aug 2008
Third time in Western Tatras in Slovakia. The most demanding route over most exposed area in the center of mountains. The weather went against the forecast and it was quite nice during our day. However at the end of the Saturday we felt very tired and Vit has troubles with his knees.
Mountains | Published: 23 Aug 2008
From series Western Tatras
  8 Aug 2008 - 9 Aug 2008
Our second attempt to traverse ridge of Western Tatras in Slovakia. This time we succeeded a little more, making significant part of main ridge, but adverse weather once again stopped our pace.
Mountains | Published: 8 Aug 2008
From series Western Tatras
  26 Jul 2008 - 27 Jul 2008
Slovakia offer us many great mountains. This time we picked Western Tatras, usually called Rohace (Horny mountains) by locals. The plan was to hike whole ridge, but adverse weather with strong rain and fog forced us to go down to other side soon after we make it to the top.
Mountains | Published: 26 Jul 2008
From series Western Tatras
  18 Jun 2008
Traditional University organized trip into close mountain range in Austria. This time it was Hochschwab and June was found quite early, because there were a lot of snow over the higher parts. Also fog, clouds, sometimes rain and many other improvement over boring sunny weather.
Mountains | Published: 18 Jun 2008
  6 Jun 2007
One of our college teachers regularly chooses interesting routes over Alps in Lower Austria. This time it is Schneealpe (Snow Alp). We need to train ourselves to upcoming summer trips, and so we attend as well. Few pictures ...
Mountains | Published: 6 Jun 2007
  5 May 2007 - 7 May 2007
Three days spent in northern mountains of Czech Republic, the Jizera mountains. They are named after the most important river that goes through the region. As there are a lot of fine granite rocks, we took also ropes and tried some climbing. Quite tired we ended the trip in very famous aquapark Babylon in Liberec. Relaxation was great.
Mountains | Published: 5 May 2007
  7 Apr 2007 - 8 Apr 2007
A bicycle trip into famous rocky valley called Toulovec's stables. We rode across Highlands and visited also some other interesting places, i.e. castle Svojanov or pilgrim place on Green Hill.
Misc | Published: 25 Apr 2007
  2 Mar 2007 - 4 Mar 2007
Traversing the ridge on snowshoes. Beautiful weather changed off with really bad one - strong wind, white darkness and snow all around. One of the most interesting experiences of the recent time.
Mountains | Published: 19 Mar 2007
  15 Oct 2005 - 16 Oct 2005
Stoh is the one of most eastern hills in Mala Fatra. There is a long route from the Kralovany town, it directs straight to the mountains and ascent about kilometer high. That was a path I went with my brother. Some pictures from autumn mountains.
Mountains | Published: 20 Oct 2005
  17 Sep 2005 - 18 Sep 2005
Weekend on Slovak mountains, this time it is Lower Tatras (Nizke Tatry). As planned we started on Friday, going to spend there as much time as possible. Saturday found us in camp near the mountains, weather was rainy and unpleasant. Me and Alice tried to reach Raztocka Hola, others rather spend some time in caves. The other day, Sunday, however showed nicer face and allowed us to ascend two highest hills here, Dumbier (2043m) and Chopok (2023m).
Mountains | Published: 10 Oct 2005
  10 Sep 2005 - 11 Sep 2005
This mountains are beautiful swelled landscape on the czech - slovak border. Villages all around, hidden between hills, deep woods sometimes splitted by meadows.
Mountains | Published: 30 Sep 2005
  26 Aug 2005
Sometimes I take my bike to kind of trip. This time the destination was small gorge on verge of Highlands, legend says baron de Trenck and his men hides here. In fact I cannot imagine how someone could hide here, but legend is legend. Track was not very good for bike as I have to bring bike on my back almost five kilometers.
Misc | Published: 26 Sep 2005
  2 Jul 2005 - 10 Jul 2005
Best of our climbing and hiking here happens in second part of week. The most beautiful Via Ferata with fine views and snowy ascent on the highest mountain of Sella Group, the Piz Boe, 3152m.
Mountains | Published: 27 Jul 2005
From series Dolomits|Italy
  2 Jul 2005 - 10 Jul 2005
In Italy you can find a lot of great things, for example the mountains and ice-cream, which is there called gellato. We tried both during our one week trip around Northern Dolomits.
Mountains | Published: 12 Jul 2005
From series Dolomits|Italy
  22 Jun 2005
Another 'Alpenwander' trip, this time fairly better weather. After two weeks, the temperature difference was about 30 degs.
Mountains | Published: 24 Jun 2005
  8 Jun 2005
One class of Brno's Technical university is called 'Alpenwander', the german word that stands for 'Hike on Alps'. My girl-friend is just studying there, so we can take part. In fact, everybody is invited, who like hiking. This time was not typical June weather ...
Mountains | Published: 9 Jun 2005
  28 May 2005 - 29 May 2005
My friend Vojta has planned big one-weekend hike in mountains of Austria. Unhappily one of our team had an accident, so we can watch rescue helicopter in action. Fortunately it was not serious injury, other day we returned at full stregth.
Mountains | Published: 2 Jun 2005
  9 Oct 2004 - 10 Oct 2004
Last year we were hiking on the mountains called Small Fatra and found it very right for that. So we tried to repeat the success, however this time it was very different. Instead of sparkling snow and bright sunshine we went in rain under dark clouds. Another face of mountains, also good to see it.
Mountains | Published: 14 Oct 2004
  3 Sep 2004
What I do not like very much is walrusing around the beach. So I persuaded Alice to make short trip to mountains towered above Makarska town. I was nearly one and half kilometer in vertical distance, hot sun above head. Mind you, the beer after return we loved.
Mountains | Published: 23 Sep 2004
From series Croatia
  21 Aug 2004 - 22 Aug 2004
Bike trip to the Laa, town with thermal springs. Not very far from Brno, so just weekend was needed to ride there, take some bathing and return.
Misc | Published: 22 Aug 2004
  7 Aug 2004 - 8 Aug 2004
Rychleb mountains is small area on the north of Czech Republic. It is not very high, though very beautiful. We found there a lot of blueberries.
Mountains | Published: 8 Aug 2004
  4 Aug 2004
We were looking for the place for climbing around Brno. After some searching on the internet we found something near sink in Rudice. The trip reveal very interesting terrain, so we tried it on wednesday afternoon.
Climbing | Published: 4 Aug 2004
  2 Jul 2004 - 11 Jul 2004
One week spent on the mountains, namely on Julian Alps in Slovenia. It was wonderful, by the way we climb up the highest mountain there, Triglav. It is so far our record.
Mountains | Published: 11 Jul 2004
From series Julian Alps
  25 Jun 2004 - 27 Jun 2004
Extended weekend (three days) spent in Western Tatras. With big effort reached summit of Baranec, few meters higher than 2000. It was raining all day, so we dried ourselves on Ziarska cottage.
Mountains | Published: 28 Jun 2004

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