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Julian Alps|Slovenia

Our bus, well parked

Ski at Hochkar|Austria

Center of centre, parking and lifts

Get about Paris|France

Bois de Vincennes - one of Paris parks

Some pieces of Paris history

Park behind the museum Centre de Vilette - submarine Argonaute, cinema La Geode

Fall colors

Fall morning in Luzanky, park in Brno

Budapest - capital of Hungary

Calm in the park

Sparklers and Snowman

Sparklers burning Snowman


Steamship Observation tower A view of Tampere from tower Boat track in entertainment park One more spectacle in park

Flower gardens of Kromeriz

An island in garden park The garden is more park this time

Wien and Prater|Austria

Interesting - I was sitting in first line Fast start "World" belong to us Carousel with great panorama Another joyride

Winter arrival

In park near Agricultural University Colorful autumn in Luzanky (Brno's largest park) Colorful autumn in Luzanky (Brno's largest park) Colorful autumn in Luzanky (Brno's largest park) Depth of field playground Winter's first attempt Snowy grass Winter's first attempt Ram and some Sheeps Boars Boars Morning fogs Morning fogs and light beams

Jizera mountains

In the Babylon aquapark Fall into the funnel More dynamic part of aquapark



Superstition Mountains

A view from Goldfield to Superstitions Start of ascent

Zion National Park

A view from Observation Point View down to the valley under Angel's Landing, see buses and Virgin River A squirell Angel's Landing top Angel's Landing ascent, many people You can find trees everywhere Need to wait while descending Echo Canyon Path near Echo Canyon Observation Point Trail The top of Observation Point One of many canyons Rock pattern in Hidden Canyon Utah Rocks Zion from below One of patriarchs and Zion bus Bufalos

Provence - First Kilometers|France

Donkeys in Camarque national park Sunflower field

Skiing at Hochkar

Parking lot and lift stations

Nove Mesto with Dan before Christmas

Baby park under snow

Good girls go to heaven
bad girls go to London

Morning in the Hyde Park Morning in the Hyde Parc St James's Parc with Horse Guards Building

Next days in London

Memorial of the animal victims in WWI Bike parking


Skipark Cervena Voda (Red water)


Rope park at Bozenov

Sec Dam

Garden of chateau Slatinany Climbing frame at Tongo park

Christmas advent in Vienna

In the park Alice in the park, close to one of many statues


Olympia park - swimming pool

To see turtle in Vienna

Ferris wheel Jungle gym house

Apollo camping

Parks at Lednice, South Moravia

Easter in Kazakhstan

Kok Tobe the amusement park in Almaty Chymbulak ski park Yurt park in Charyn canyon


Mother with kids at Vigeladpark Vigeland park Fountain with statues Central Monolith Bicycle fun

I want to be a part of it New York, New York!

Central park

Towards south Escalante

Superstition Mountains from parking lot Parking

25 Fontes | Madeira

Parking slot in a slope

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