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  26 Aug 2016 - 28 Aug 2016
Last weekend of summer vacation. We spent three days in South Moravia area called Pálava, known for wineyards, castles, and lakes. We did some swimming, wine tasting and trips, but our kids especially loved our tent placement in Apollo camp. We were next to fenced area with goats and sheep. Boys took some of them for "theirs", gave them names and in every free moment they kept feeding them.
Water | Published: 28 Jan 2017
  15 Sep 2007 - 20 Sep 2007
Almost complete week on bike travelling near south border of Czech republic - it is that with Austria. Nice countryside changed with fish farming, you can see many artificial lakes there.
Misc | Published: 15 Sep 2007
From series South Bohemia
  6 Aug 2005
Every trip has its reason. This time it is my learning drive a car. I have had a driving licence for a long time, however I have no car nor experience. For start we decided for destination near my hometown, Brno. There is flat area with some hills, about 30 kilometers far. Mostly grapes are grown there, place is called Palava. We have visited two castles risen above that area.
Misc | Published: 11 Aug 2005
  21 Aug 2004 - 22 Aug 2004
Bike trip to the Laa, town with thermal springs. Not very far from Brno, so just weekend was needed to ride there, take some bathing and return.
Misc | Published: 22 Aug 2004

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