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  25 Aug 2018 - 26 Aug 2018
We planned a trip to Slovakia mountains, but as there was looming bad weather, the final decision was to climb up Lysa hora (Bald mountain) in Beskydy range. First stop was in climbing centre near parking lot. It was slippery, but nicely empty area spanning between trees and offering many exercises. The mountain itself is not very big, so we made it up in around two hours and slept in one of the chalets at the top. Second day it was pretty rainy, but it just made us to get back faster.
Mountains | Published: 27 Jan 2019
  30 Jun 2013 - 6 Jul 2013
We spent whole week at Bozenov place, small camp close to Zabreh in Central Moravia. This was mostly family entertainment, including bathing place, old castle, farm animals and number of walks around.
Misc | Published: 17 Sep 2013
From series Bozenov
  1 Jun 2007
A visit of rope centre in Brno. Quite interesting afternoon spent climbing 12 metres high wooden columns, then trying to traverse various barriers. Sometimes it was rather physically difficult, sometimes it was more on fear of height.
Climbing | Published: 1 Jun 2007
  7 Oct 2006
As last chance before my wedding, we went to man-ride. We tried climbing centre in Brno, with a lot of barrier to overcome. Most of them is placed about 8 meters above ground, testing our bravery and stability.
Climbing | Published: 8 Nov 2006

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