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  3 Jul 2018 - 5 Jul 2018
There is famous organized hike over Jeseniky mountains called The sixty. The name refers to distance you have to hike, with good deal of elevation along the journey. In a bout of optimism Alice wanted to sign up and attend, but in the end we did not have anybody to take care of our kids. So we decided to try it out ourselves, a little more relaxed way over two days. It was pretty good, but we are still not sure we can make it in one day.
Mountains | Published: 21 Oct 2018
  15 Dec 2017 - 18 Dec 2017
To avoid awful time before Christmas, advertisment, shopping, full city and other related things we don't like, we fled to spend four days in snowy mountains of Jeseniky. Skiing, running, making snowman, walking winter landscape.
Mountains | Published: 25 Feb 2018
  15 Sep 2017 - 17 Sep 2017
Nice fall-weather trip to Jeseniky mountains. It did not disappointed and we enjoyed a lot of fog, drizzle, random views, and water puddles.
Mountains | Published: 29 Oct 2017
  27 Jun 2015 - 30 Jun 2015
Few days spent in our favourite mountains, the Jeseniky in north of Czech. Last year we did good walk of about 9 kilometers, so we wanted to stretch this a bit more. In difficult weather (rain, fog) we managed to hike over 16 kilometers from Serak summit to our accomodation at Branna town. Remaining part was much easier, we did few strolls around Branna, swimming at pension pool, and visiting cake shop.
Mountains | Published: 26 Jul 2015
  20 Dec 2014 - 22 Dec 2014
In order to avoid christmas shopping hell and widespread tendency to spend the nice time of the year with cleaning the house, we left for mountains, despite apparent lack of snow there. First day was without snow - we went to a trip to nearby woods. In the evening, it started snowing, so the following day we could build a snowman, have many snowball fights and bobsleigh fun with kids. Last day all snow melted and it was nice sunny when we were leaving.
Mountains | Published: 24 Jun 2015
  7 Jun 2014 - 9 Jun 2014
Since our boys are finally getting age when they are able to walk, we decided to try some mountains. Advertised for few weeks, Dan (age 5) was looking forward and Honza (age 3) tolerated the intent. There is nice area in Jeseniky mountains, so we went some 9 kilometers along the ridge. Turned out well, so next time we can try something more difficult with them.
Mountains | Published: 8 Aug 2014
  18 Aug 2012 - 19 Aug 2012
Third trip - Alice found bunch of old quarries filled with water, so we can dip ourselves time from time. First day was supposed to be relaxing, other more demanding, but it turned out to be exactly the opposite. First day was very long and good elevation, while second day was pretty quick and easy.
Mountains | Published: 28 Oct 2012
From series Jeseniky no kids
  30 Jun 2012 - 1 Jul 2012
Second trip was finally two-day endeavour. We picked a cottage called Paprsek ("Light ray" in czech) in western part of the mountain range and then found some way we never went before. It was quite adventurous, because the path was off beaten track and it led through a cattle area. Fortunately we just heard the sounds, but even those were pretty scary.
Mountains | Published: 17 Sep 2012
From series Jeseniky no kids
  11 Sep 2010
Trip over observation point Zlaty (Golden) Chlum. Relatively short trip to high point above Jeseniky town, but we managed to find gold mine information path, lost the trail for good part of the ascent, eat great food at cottage near Devil's rock area and return just in time to catch our train.
Mountains | Published: 16 Sep 2012
From series Jeseniky no kids
  11 Sep 2010 - 19 Aug 2012
Hard to belive, but during last three year we found ourselves only at three trips alone without Dan and Honza. Because we wanted at some mountains again, but still return soon enough to look after them, we picked Jeseniky mountains, which are just about 120km from Brno.
Mountains | Published: 15 Sep 2012
  21 Aug 2010
My brother initiated a trip to Jeseniky, the mountains we have quite close, about four hours via train. Original plan was changed to make our walk more ambitious, and it turned out to be very nice trip.
Mountains | Published: 26 Sep 2010
  22 Mar 2008 - 23 Mar 2008
A weekend in the mountains, trying to catch last snow. While all winter was not very greedy this year, surprisinly some fell down during March. Very nice and funny.
Mountains | Published: 22 Mar 2008
  12 Jan 2008
Cross country ski trip to the Jeseniky mountains. One attraction on the way there was waterfalls above the Nyznerov village. They are kinda small, but nice stop on our way. We haven't seen much snow for the ski until we reached the ridge, where for exchange the weather went a bit wild.
Mountains | Published: 12 Jan 2008
  15 Dec 2007 - 19 Dec 2007
Fortunate idea was, instead of "traditional" pre-christmas tidy up, to go into some mountain place and do skiing and other happy life things. There happen to be enough snow and three areas especially suitable for ski.
Mountains | Published: 15 Dec 2007
  17 Feb 2007
This year there is really weak winter in Brno. A little bit more snow is on the mountains, especially on our favourite Jeseniky. One-day training for more arduous trips.
Mountains | Published: 9 Mar 2007
  15 Apr 2006 - 16 Apr 2006
Upon this winter there is the last chance to go skiing. The nearest location of remaining snow is in Jeseniky, probably just on the ridge. We traversed whole lenght of Hruby Jesenik, in whole about thirty kilometers. Show covered it all, so it went well. In contrast there are some photos from the descent, they are much more springy.
Mountains | Published: 20 Apr 2006
  28 Feb 2006
In Czech republic there was large pre-WW2 fortification system, built on French patterns. Large forts made of concrete was armed mainly by machine guns and should stop enemy (Hitler's Germany in this case) from penetration into republic. This article was translated into English
Misc | Published: 21 Mar 2006
From series Jeseniky
  25 Feb 2006 - 4 Mar 2006
Sitting in the train, looking forward to next week that we are going to spend in Jeseniky mountains. We took all our ski equipment and tried to wreck ourselves there. We were mostly successful I had to say.
Mountains | Published: 17 Mar 2006
From series Jeseniky
  17 Dec 2005 - 20 Dec 2005
Great four days of skiing and snowboarding in Jeseniky. A lot of snow and snowing all the time.
Mountains | Published: 22 Dec 2005
  26 Mar 2005 - 28 Mar 2005
Three days skiing and snowboarding in Ramzova, village located in Jeseniky mountains. Great weather gives us deal of snow. Because I learn snowboard time from time, around one day each year, I am pretty dangerous one on ski slope. Dangerous mostly to myself.
Mountains | Published: 1 Apr 2005
  7 Aug 2004 - 8 Aug 2004
Rychleb mountains is small area on the north of Czech Republic. It is not very high, though very beautiful. We found there a lot of blueberries.
Mountains | Published: 8 Aug 2004

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