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Provence goes on|France

Olives and Pistaccios Spices Paella - rice, shrimps, chicken and curry

Xi'an - China

Nut shop - moslim quarter Moslim quarter Poa moa - pita with port and noodle Poa moa restaurant Candies

Phoenix, Arizona

Food for butterflies

50 kilometers around Krtiny

First checkpoint, first snack Snack during the route

Japan - to Osaka

Rice dumplings Dango Octopus as advert Tasty octopus dumplings Tako-Yaki Sesame sweets Sea fruits in one of many markets Opening of a Seashell Octopus on a stick

Kumano Kodo Nakahechi

I am enjoying Udon noodles Hot spring (almost boiling) used to cook dinner First restaurant after two days walk, tasty local cuisine

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