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  19 Dec 2015 - 22 Dec 2015
As usual we spent couple days out just before Christmas, to avoid all the chaos. During that time it is great to skiing on empty slopes and enjoy deserted resorts. This time we picked Dolni Morava area, in the valley under Kralicky Sneznik mountain. There was quite a little snow, but it was really enjoyable time.
Mountains | Published: 26 Mar 2016
  24 Jul 2010 - 31 Jul 2010
Nice week between rock towns of Broumov, Adrspach and Ostas. Hired a house in Machov for walking and biking around. Seven adults for two children was very good ratio, so everyone was able to rest.
Mountains | Published: 15 May 2011
  28 Feb 2006
In Czech republic there was large pre-WW2 fortification system, built on French patterns. Large forts made of concrete was armed mainly by machine guns and should stop enemy (Hitler's Germany in this case) from penetration into republic. This article was translated into English
Misc | Published: 21 Mar 2006
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