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  11 Jan 2009
Jana, my wife's sister, bought a horse she have cared about for last few years. His name is Beethoven, but everyone calls him Beda. He does not care, because does not listen to any command. Few photos from this article is from winter "walk" the dog and the horse.
Dogs | Published: 11 Jan 2009
  27 Aug 2005
I had to look after our dog during weekend. So I decided to make a trip to horse farm at Hostenice place. Girls rode a horse called Beethoven, then we tried whether dog can swim. Result was clear: she can but doesn't want.
Dogs | Published: 28 Sep 2005
  12 Mar 2005
I made some photos from horse farm. I got there thanks to my girlfriend's sister, who rides that great animals. She looks after horse Beethoven and she is allowed to ride on him.
Dogs | Published: 16 Mar 2005

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