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  10 Aug 2019 - 14 Aug 2019
First part of week-long holiday with kids in Slovakia. Starting with mountain trips at Mala Fatra mountains and two nights at a chalet. Next stop was in thermal spa town Besenova, sleeping in koliba (Slovakia traditional pub/accomodation) and some visits to baths. Despite (or because of) pretty cold temperatures and rainy days, it was memorable experience.
Mountains | Published: 18 Jan 2020
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  15 Oct 2005 - 16 Oct 2005
Stoh is the one of most eastern hills in Mala Fatra. There is a long route from the Kralovany town, it directs straight to the mountains and ascent about kilometer high. That was a path I went with my brother. Some pictures from autumn mountains.
Mountains | Published: 20 Oct 2005
  9 Oct 2004 - 10 Oct 2004
Last year we were hiking on the mountains called Small Fatra and found it very right for that. So we tried to repeat the success, however this time it was very different. Instead of sparkling snow and bright sunshine we went in rain under dark clouds. Another face of mountains, also good to see it.
Mountains | Published: 14 Oct 2004

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