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Around Kanab|Utah

23 Apr 2019 - 24 Apr 2019

The trip continues in Utah, close to the town of Kanab. After some rope training last day we used the rope quite extensively in Diana Throne canyon, walked through very nice Peek-a-boo canyon and next day did long trail through Lick Wash canyon.

Breakfast in Kanab

Descent to Diana Throne canyon First rappel Dealing with rope Narrow part of canyon Together

Desert near the canyon Return to the car Peek-a-boo canyon Look to the light Rest next to the Hoodoo


Similar scenery as Zion canyon

First light in the camp Road to Lick Wash canyon Climbing up Drying mud

Greener part of the canyon close to water source Water for cattle Returning same way

Towards south Escalante - Cat Stairs and Blue Pools



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