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Japan - to Osaka

26 Apr 2016 - 7 May 2016

Alice got a desk game called Tokaido for her birthday. The theme is pilgrimage from Japan town Kyoto to Edo (which is now Tokyo). Along the way you contribute to shrines, enjoy sea-side views, bath in hot springs, and taste great food. The playing of the game inspired us to visit Japan. The Tokaido (Way of Eastern Sea in japanese) no longer exists, but we found other pilgrim trails called Kumano Kodo. Pictures in this article are from Osaka.

Riverside in Namba quarter

Close to Namba station Statues in front of Dotonbori hotel Rice dumplings Dango Octopus as advert

Tasty octopus dumplings Tako-Yaki Two-story bicycle stand Tricycle stand, Coca-Cola vending machine on left Tall building, characteristic external staircase

Four-story garage Typical vending machines Donations for earthquake victims One of symbols of Osaka - Glico

Sesame sweets Capsule hotel "rooms" In the capsule hotel "room" Osaka street

Sea fruits in one of many markets Opening of a Seashell Octopus on a stick Typical bicycle - two baskets, umbrella holder Use every space - there is coffee shop up the stairs

Alice with Asahi beer Osaka castle Umbrella line




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