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In Highlands sandbox to sandbox

2 Aug 2010 - 7 Aug 2010

Our vacation have changed since Dan was born. Basic constraints were two. The place should not be very far, because we cannot handle the cry for more than two hours. And good accomodation. Thus we have chosen Highlands, small mountains about 70 kilometers from Brno. Biking and walking around, however mostly from one sandbox to another, to keep Dan happy.

In sandbox

On the way to Medlov lake A view to Frysava, Highlands Dan small biker Bike cart for baby

Church/cemetry Zelena hora (Green mountain) Horse statue - Dan seems to like it Rozstipena skala (Split Rock) With Dan on Mammoth Dan climbing Mammoth

Grain Watchtower Rosicka with Alice Cattle From morning trip to see ducks Devet skal (Nine Rocks)

Bad path with bike cart Dan is trying to play Knight to C3

One extra pawn

In Highlands sandbox to sandbox



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