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Velka Fatra|Slovakia

1 Jul 2006 - 4 Jul 2006

The beginning of one week long hike over some Slovakia mountains. We had started in Blatnica and traverse over Velka Fatra. A few days later we reached Ruzomberok, dirty and sweat through. Before next part we must find some water

Mornings view to Liptovska Mara (the dam)

On our way to Blatnica Myself with light machine-gun Area around Kralova hola Valleys in southern part

On the highest hill The thistle Borisov with cottage just under it Western ridge and last look there

Certuv kamen (Devils rock) and Rakytov in the background Last steps before reaching summit of Rakytov Grass breakfast

Evening on Velka Fatra

Liptovska Mara and Western Tatras|Slovakia



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